Timeless Skin Care recognizes that consumers are struggling with new skincare challenges in the midst of a pandemic and it is introducing its first-ever Facial Kits to make preventing and treating issues easier. The Timeless Facial Kits are designed to specifically “target the effects of stress on the skin, long-term mask wearing (maskne), and environmental pollutants” and simultaneously offer a soothing, at-home spa experience.

While the Pollution Solution is a solution for brightening, protecting and repairing the skin from environmental pollutants, the Winter Skin Booster helps to fight dryness, redness and irritation with ultra-hydrating solutions that are supportive of the moisture barrier. There’s also the Bright & Glowy kit, which includes antioxidant-packed products like hydrating sprays, serums, eye creams and 100% pure squalane oil.” – Trend Hunter