One of the most impactful ‘Edutainment’ partnership yet

Mainframe Studios; ReBoot: The Guardian Code along with AlphaBEST Education and Green Mouse Academy introduced nearly 25,000 students to the largest learning event in history, The Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week (December 3-9). The Hour of Code, organized by the nonprofit and over 100 partners, is a global movement that believes the students of today are ready to learn critical skills for 21st-century success and those skills include software coding.

“The Hour of Code is just a first step in this collaboration and we’re looking forward to more joint efforts around harnessing the show to inspire kids to learn to code”, says ReBoot: The Guardian Code creator Michael Hefferon. “Our goal is to enable kids to unlock opportunities that would effect positive change in their young lives and future careers.”

Join the Guardians at AlphaBEST and save cyberspace from the Dark Code, visit for your assigned mission!

The Hour of Code project has been fascinating for KGM as we understand the essential knowledge that is slowly being introduced to children through their education curriculum. With these partnerships and events, KGM has been successful in making Michael Hefferon dream come to life to inspire kids to code through ReBoot: The Guardian Code. We look forward to making more dreams come true!