We’re so proud of critically acclaimed singer, Morgan Myles, for launching her debut album in the face of so many personal, emotional challenges: going from nanny to guardian for two children that lost their mom to ALS, losing her closest cousin to brain cancer and the long and tumultuous fight to maintain her identity and authenticity as a female artist despite mismanagement and isolation.

Her first album, Therapy personifies Myles’ belief that music is a powerful force for survival and healing. The album was produced by the talented Jason Mater and platinum award-winner Corey Crowder.

The powerhouse singer-songwriter’s album seamlessly blends her roots in Soul, Pop and Rock delivered in her own distinctive sound. With an impressive 5 octave vocal range, Rolling Stone magazine has described Morgan as “A voice that shines with raw might.” Myles’ previously released single Acapella, was met with roaring success, with CMT calling it “a catchy soulful country tune.” It streamed over 500k times worldwide in less than two months.

“I am truly grateful to those who have rallied by my side to refuse to allow this music to be silenced. My mission in life musically and personally has never been more clear”, says Myles, “I hope this music can help others, the way that it has helped me through recent tough times.”

Therapy will be available on streaming services worldwide January 17, 2020. Preview the album here.

Visit Morgan’s website at: www.morganmyleslive.com